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http://internet-television.net/The Radiotelevisão Caboverdiana is Cape Verde's first radio and television station broadcasting local programs from Cape Verde, Portugal and Brazil as well as the rest of the world especially France. It is a publicly owned company and enterprise and is located in the Capeverdean capital city of Praia, in the southern part in the middle of Achada Santo António RTC also has a few buildings, it also has offices in São Vicente (serving the northwestern part), Sal (serving the northeastern part), São Filipe on Fogo Island (serving the southwestern part) and Assomada in Santa Catarina (serving Northern Santiago and possibly Maio). The building size is very small, only like local affiliates in North America as well as Latin America, Australia and Europe. The radio building is in the south on Rua 13 de Janeiro and the television station is in the north. Its current president is José Emanuel Tavares Moreira
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